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Lola Children's Fund

image-2Lola Children’s Fund’s mission is to raise money to provide housing, medical and educational services for HIV-affected orphans and local children in Ethiopia. We have 501(c)(3) status through our fiscal agent, Russell Cooperative Preschool, and are in the process of applying for our own nonprofit status.


We provide funding to Lola Children's Home in Mekele, Ethiopia, a community organization providing assistance to HIV-affected families.

Ethiopia has nearly 5.5 million orphans, with more than 800,000 orphaned by AIDS. About 80,000 Ethiopian children are infected with HIV. In 2010, 14,000 kids were infected and 3,500 died. More than 20,000 children need anti-retroviral medications to survive.

Lola was founded because Mekele had no services available for HIV-positive orphans, many of whom are left without family or government support after their parents’ deaths. Many children live on the streets, receiving no food, shelter, education or medicine to help them combat the disease. As time passed, we grew to include children with HIV-positive parents or siblings whose lives had been affected by HIV/AIDS.


Lola Children's Home offers services to children and families. A residential program houses children with nowhere else to live. A day care program offers schooling, food and shelter during the day for children whose parents would be unable to care for them during the day. An outreach program provides funds for food, educational materials, clothing and medication for kids who need a little extra financial assistance. Lola offers mother's grants to seven mothers in the community, providing them with funds to start their own businesses and hopefully become self-sufficient enough to care for their children so that they don't have to be separated.